Performance at NYSE Euronext (6th May 2010)

We were hired for an opening ceremony for New York Stock Exchange branch in Singapore.

Preparing to receive good fortune!

May the market turns for the better!!!

Our 'Cat' family..

The 'Mer'Lion

Big ones, small ones... Cute ones..

CNY 2010 Chu Ba

Girls power!

Girls wanna Have Fun too! (when we are not lion dancing..)

CNY 2010 Chu Qi

Double Lions Welcome!

CNY Celebration event at a Condo.

It consists not only of the normal Cai Qing (Plucking of the Green), but includes the Appearance of the God of Fortune to mingle and give out AngBao and goodies to the residents.. Drum Beating performance, and also fringe activities like Face painting and Balloon Scuplturing for the residents.

Cai Shen Dao! 財神到!

And here's what we have prepared for the Cai Shen Ye to give out to the residents.
Lotsa Gold and Wealth for Everyone!


The Lion is the only creature who can get away when he leaves the place messy after eating, with people admiring the mess he created...

Try that with your mum.. hahahha... ;p

The Power Drum Girls! 
The all-girls team drum beating performance which won 'WOWs' from the residents

Face Painting and Balloon Sculpturing are also done by our very own members.. not sub to the 3rd parties thus you can be sure that your events will be definately be in good hands and Value for Money!! :)

The overwhelming response!

CNY 2010 Chu Wu

The moment everyone has been waiting for... "Huat Ah!!"  發.......

Bring Good Luck and Prosperity to the Lorries!

Picking Lucky numbers...  發 發 發 發 發 發 發 發 !!!

Standing by...

發! 發!! 發!!! Huat Ah!!!!!

Happy Cai Shen Ye!

Plucking of the Green!!!

"Wau! So many good food to eat!!.."

"The Pomelo! My favourite!"

"One last set to go.. Smells good!"

*Whispering to the other lion..*  "Nice Lobby hor?"

The single-legged stand! Don't play play...

The Majestic Lion!

Showering of Good Luck!